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My name is Colin Crowley and this web page is about the Toyota 4x4's that either me or my friends own. I own a 1993 4x4 Pickup Shortbed. My Dad (Mark) owns a 1973 FJ-40 Land Cruiser. The Cruiser restoration project is finally to a point where it can be called "finished". It looks like a million bucks, lacking only some good off-road tires and some rock sliders before Mark is ready to take it wheeling. My truck is being continually built up as I smash into more stuff. There are also links to pictures and websites of friends who own Toyota 4x4's that they use for wheeling. We are proud members of the newest Toyota Land Cruiser Association, Tornada Alley Cruisers. We are also members of the Kansas City Four Wheel Drive Association and the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Please visit these sites under the links section and give off-roaders your suppport. If you enjoy off-roading, look into joining a club or organization to help preserve our trails.


My 1993 Toyota Hilux

My Dad's 1973 Land Cruiser

Pics of Friends Toyota's

Mark Twain National Forest Jan. '02


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